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"It's beautiful. I want to swim like that."

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Hair III

by The White Deer

ƑƖƓӇƬ ƠƦ ƑԼƖƓӇƬ || ᴬᵁ ʷᶤᵗʰ ᵇˡᵘᵉ-ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ


♁▣♁ - ]]   A blistering warm sun. It was such a regular climate the people, their bodies dressed to endure the sun’s painful rays. Locals were tanned by it’s warmth, their skin all bronzed from their daily lives outside. Despite it’s sweltering temperatures, everybody lived regularly, far too adapted to the desert climates. 

With the town being so small, locals knew who belonged and who didn’t, and when a travelers came, they did not hesitate to show their disdain of them, especially to the lowly and homeless gypsies, the beauties that merely drifted through in hopes of finding a shard of hospitality until they moved on. But they weren’t at all startled when they were looked at with glares and practically chased away by every shop keep and villager. It didn’t take long for the locals to begin crying for “justice” against the filthy “harlots” as they called them, and one by one, the innocent travelers were taken away, disappearing off the streets at the hands of local guards from the palace. Some fled before they were taken, abandoning their companions and possessions, others were sold off to wealthy families as slaves or to harems. It was a dangerous time for the homeless bands. They meant no harm. They simply wanted a place to stay for a while, finding a shred of peace. 

"You thieving rat! I’ll have you thrown in a cell, you animal!" 

An angry shop keeper shook an angry fist, a plank of wood in his other hand as he gave a brief chase to the colorfully dressed gypsy. He spouted angry words to the fleeing youth but gave up the chase, knowing full well that these people were quick on their feet. 

The aforementioned “rat” continued running, however, taking empty alleys and turns until he felt safe tucked away in an alley, locals passing by and failing to see the hidden youth. Nagisa, the lithe blond rover, gave a slow sigh and smiled at his prize. He’d risked his own neck for this. 

A scrap of bread.

Hardly enough to fill his stomach but it did enough to quell painful hunger that set in near the beginning of sunset. With little regret or guilt, he shoved the scrap right into his mouth, indulging in the satisfying “feast” and dreading the oncoming dryness of his mouth afterward. He didn’t care though. With enough care, he could run out somewhere to one of the wells and sneak a drink before a civilian chased him away. And so he sat alone, fighting hunger and eating his pathetic meal with much gratitude, wondering how much longer he could keep up this entire thing. How long until he too was taken away by the palace guards and auctioned or sold away to some dank cell? 

It would’ve been nice to be born in another family. At least, that’s how Rei felt most of the time. Because of his family, he had been forced into a life he himself had never had the option of leaving. When your family is devoted to being part of the king’s royal court, you don’t really have a choice in the first place. Rei had understood that from a young age, but that didn’t stop the blue-haired teen from wanting something more out of life than guarding a few prisoners and the occasional raid.

Even so, he couldn’t really complain all too much. He had a nice place to live, enough food so that he wasn’t hungry. It was better than being one of the citizens of the poor country he lived in, where most of the people lived in poverty; a lot of them risking their lives just for a sip of water or a scrap of bread. Rei had grown accostumed to seeing people like that. Theives were usually the kind of people Rei had to look over while they were processing the execution. As poor as the country was, theivery was still a serious crime; one the king did not tolerate. He honestly felt bad for the people that had gotten captured, and Rei would sometimes sneak them things to eat or drink. He only wished he could do more.

Though as much as he wished, he was far too afraid to do much for the poor people he was forced to guard. He knew that if he even got caught doing the small kindnesses he did now, it would mean death. As much as it pained him, he did not want to risk his life for those people. At least, he wasn’t at that point yet. At least he wasn’t left to deal with those that were tortured for information before having a not so merciless death. He wouldn’t be able to handle himself if he had to do anything like that.

"Rei! Lighten up, we got a new batch coming in."

Coming out of his thoughts, Rei brought his attention to what he was supposed to be doing; his job. He sighed as he moved aside and the large horse-drawn carriage was pulled into the gateway. Rei tried not to look at all the people that were more than likely being sentenced to death just for trying to survive in this backwater country. Most of them had been gypsies so the bright colorful fabric wasn’t unusual to him. But as he turned to close the gate behind the carriage, something in particular caught his eye. 'How odd, a gypsie with pink eyes? Intruiging.'

Uρ Oη Ƭнє Rσσfтσρ | ᴬᵁ ʷᶤᵗʰ ᶳᵗʳᵃʷᵇᵉʳʳʸ0ᵖᶤᶰᵏ

It’s funny how you never realize how much crap you own until it’s packed up and you have to carry it somewhere else. Dragging his suitcase down the small paved road, Rei looked from the small sheet of paper in his hand to his surroundings, looking for the address the sheet of paper held. He had seen the place online, but he was excited to see it in person. His first home being his own person. It was pretty exciting.

It had taken him months of bribing and promises, but it wasn’t long until Rei had finally convinced his parents to let him live on his own. They were never around anyway, always off doing things for their own lives, leaving Rei in the house on his own. Rei had already grown used to taking care of himself and, liking a challenge, wanted to fully take on the responsibilities of living on his own.

While it did take a while, he did eventually find the place where he would live for however long he deemed okay. He liked the small stature of the building; it felt homey. While it did seem to need a little work, Rei didn’t mind one bit. Pulling the key out from his pocket, Rei walked up to the mahogany front door and opened it. Dragging his suitcase inside, Rei left it by the front door while he explored.

'So far so good,' Rei thought as he looked around his new space. It was empty, but that was soon to be fixed when the rest of his things and the new furniture his parents gave him arrived by truck later that day. 'Oh, unpacking. I hate you so.' Rei soon found the master bedroom, the part of the house Rei liked the most. He moved over to the window, pulling it open to let some of the warm summer air into the slightly stuffy house.

At first he didn’t notice how crowded the buildings in this area were, not until he saw that a part of his roof touched the one of the building next door, making a little bridge. He had hoped and prayed to everything that his neighbor wasn’t some psycho freak or a serial killer.


Rooftop Romance AU; Muse A moves into a new house in a strange town. Their bedroom overlooks another house that’s within reaching distance from their window. Muse A notices the person that lives in the opposite house (Muse B) and falls in love. They spend their nights sitting on their rooftops talking beneath the stars, sharing stories from their past, laughing, tears and cuddles.

Rυιη Yσυя Rнутнм


✯○ ✯ - ]] Some could say Nagisa was ill-mannered or just a tiny bit of a slob, and he could even agree with that, but right now, he just didn’t seem to see a point in cleaning up. He could always just remove the uniform’s blazer and sweater vest in the hopes the juice didn’t sink down into his shirt. 

Already undoing the buttons to the blazer, the blond glanced up with startled rose optics as he was literally prodded in the head by his classmate, the collected teen looking displeased at Nagisa. Brushing his words off, the blond only smiled and shrugged off his blazer, "It’s okay, Rei-chan! I can just take off the wet parts." he explained and then glanced down, realizing the blazer’s material had been thick enough to protect canary colored sweater vest. How lucky! "See? I can always wash the jacket anyway." he added, looking quite victorious in proving he didn’t have to run to wash off. image

"You should still take better care of your uniform, Nagisa-kun," Rei scolded, adjusting the thin red framed glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. Sometimes he questioned why he let himself hang around such an… interesting, he guessed the word would be, person. He and Nagisa were so different, and yet there was something that kept Rei hanging around.

Glancing out the window, Rei had a perfect view of the newly refurbished pool within the school grounds. Humming to himself, he wondered what was so great about swimming competitively. “How’s the swim club doing?” he asked out of semi-curiosity, but more so just to have a conversation.